Home Remedy for Pneumonia – Remedies That Work Wonders

First and foremost Pneumonia is a life threatening disease and as such home remedies may be used to aid the main treatment and should not be considered as main treatment one can ever depend on. As a matter of fact, pneumonia should never be taken for granted and hence should be taken care of appropriately as this is really the thing to do. Many people have died from this dreadful disorder and this implies how important it is to always treat it as much as possible.

It is often appropriate for an individual to first of all go in for raw juices. This can be done for 5-7 days for the start. With this, an individual can decide to take glass of fruit or vegetable juice diluted in warm water on a 50-50 basis, every two hours during the day. Some of the fruits that can be taken include pineapple, apple, and oranges. These fruits as a matter of fact are very effective and therefore should never be taken for granted in terms of treatment purposes.

Moreover, it is highly appropriate to avoid strong tea, coffee and other stimulant beverages. Research actually indicates that, they produce a very bad effect in pneumonia. Many people are not really aware of this and as such may be misleading themselves. These beverages can be very detrimental sometimes and as such should be avoided all the time just to prevent some of the possible disturbances.

Again it is highly appropriate to avoid white sugar, white flour and any other product made from these commodities. The reason actually is that, such commodities are often very hard to digest and therefore may cause a lot of problems which of course can further lead to something else and as such should be avoided as much as possible. Also alcoholic beverages and meat are not often allowed and hence should be avoided all the time as this is very necessary. Many who do not often know this end up causing a lot of harm to themselves.

Furthermore, turpentine oil can be massaged on the patient’s ribs and then warm cotton wool can be wrapped. It will definitely help in reducing the pain of Pneumonia. This is actually known to be one of the effective remedies for pneumonia and as such should be paid heed to regularly. Smoking is also noted to work as poison in case of pneumonia. Smoking actually troubles one’s lungs and therefore puts in extra burden just to get right oxygen levels.

Hitherto, at the acute stage of pneumonia, the herbal tea that possesses fenugreek seeds and black pepper is usually beneficial. This is also noted to be one of the simplest home remedies for pneumonia and as such can be practiced. Ginger, turmeric, black pepper and fenugreek are mucolytic and and helps the body expel mucous from respiratory tract. It does not really matter how these herbs are taken whether cooked or raw, any works effectively.


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The Natural Lemonade Cayenne Pepper Cleanse


To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.
To use The Lemonade Cleanse as a reducing diet and lose anywhere from 2 to 8 oz. of body fat per day while on this cleanse safely and naturally. Just use less maple syrup as the directions indicate.
To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.
To eliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
To relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.
To build a healthy blood stream.
To keep your youth and elasticity regardless of your years.

When To Use It

When you want to prevent disease and toxic conditions from arising in the digestive system.
When sickness has developed — for all acute and chronic conditions.
When the digestive system needs a rest and a cleansing.
When better assimilation and building up of body tissue is needed.
If your overweight and would like to shed excess pounds.

How Long

3 – 5 days

Lemonade Drink Ingredients

18 -25 lemons or limes (preferably fresh picked)
Genuine Grade A or B Dark Amber maple syrup (not maple flavored syrup)
Cayenne pepper (red pepper) natural or organic
Water (spring or distilled)
Sea salt (uniodized)
1 bottle CKLS

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Simple Art of Nutrition

Special Need Section – Lists some of the best of the simple natural aides in the correction of various minor inconveniences such as: sore throat, smoking (for those who want to quit), canker Sores, itching ears, sore muscles, wrinkles, headaches, athletes foot, ring worm, and dandruff.


Prior to beginning the cleanse take 5 CKLS capsules and 1 cup of dieter’s tea the night before you start the cleanse.
First thing in the morning take 5 more CKLS capsules and one 16 o.z. container of medium hot water. Wait 1 hour. Then begin proceed with the salt water flush.
(print of copy of directions for Lemonade and Salt Water Preparations)

The Salt Water Flush

Prepare a full quart of medium hot water and add 1/2 teaspoon uniodized sea salt. Do not use iodized salt it will not work properly. Drink the entire quart preparation within 10-20 minutes. This will begin to thoroughly wash the entire digestive tract. Drink 1 quart per hour for three consecutive hours for a total of 4 salt water flushes. This is the most important part of the cleanse – the breaking up, loosening, and purging of encrusted debris from the small and large intestinal walls. Several eliminations will likely occur during and after the flushes begin. For those concerned about blood pressure deviation due to salt ingestation the uniodized salt and water has the same specific gravity as the blood and hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt – there is no salt retention. This salt water flushing may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive tract.

Anytime after the four flushes you can then begin, when you get hungry, to take the lemonade drink – from six to twelve (8 oz. to 12 oz.) glasses of the lemonade daily during the waking period along with six to twelve glasses of warm water daily for a continuous purging of impurities from the digestive tract. As the lemon aides in the loosening as well as nutritional process.

The Lemonade Drink

Combine the lemon (1/2 to 1 squeezed fresh lemon) or lime juice (1/2 to 1 squeezed fresh lime), maple syrup (1/2 tablespoon to 2 tablespoons), and cayenne pepper (1/10 teaspoon) in a 16 oz. container and fill with medium warm to hot water (you can use cold water if you like), the thermal (heat) energy in the hot water helps to loosen any tough debris clinging to the intestinal walls. Use fresh lemons or limes only, never canned lemon or lime juice nor frozen lemonade or frozen juice. Use organic or backyard lemons if possible.

As you get hungry just have another glass of lemonade. No other food should be taken during the cleansing period. As the lemon drink is a complete balance of minerals and vitamins, one does not suffer hunger pangs. For those who are overweight, less maple syrup may be taken per container of lemonade (1/2 to 1 tablespoon per 8 oz. to 12 oz. container). For those underweight, more maple syrup may be taken (1 to 2 tablespoonfuls per 8 oz. to 12 oz. container).

All grades can be used in the cleanse but Dark Amber and Grade B are most desirable.

The maple syrup cayenne pepper diet has a large variety of minerals and vitamins. Naturally the mineral and vitamin content will vary according to the area where the trees grow and the mineral content of the soil. These are the minerals found in the average samples or pure maple syrup: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon. Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, and Pantothenic Acid (B5) are also present in the syrup. Information on the need and effect of these properties can be found in my book, “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment”. Look for the organic brands or 100% pure grades at health food stores. As when we are cleansing we want to use chemical and pesticide free ingredients.

The lemon is a loosening and cleansing agent with many important building factors. The ability of the elements in the lemon and the maple syrup working together creates these desired results.

Its 49% potassium strengthens and energizes the heart, stimulates and builds the kidneys and adrenal glands. Its oxygen builds vitality. its carbon acts as a motor stimulant. Its hydrogen activates the sensory nervous system. Its calcium strengthens and builds the lungs. Its phosphorus knits the bones, stimulates and builds the brain for clearer thinking. Its sodium encourages tissue building. Its magnesium acts as a blood alkalizer. Its iron builds the red corpuscles to rapidly correct the most common forms of anemia. Its chlorine cleanses the blood plasma. Its silicon aids the thyroid for deeper breathing. There are many more benefits that will fill a volume unfortunately I can’t mention them all here. The natural iron, copper, calcium, carbon, and hydrogen found in the organic syrup supplies building block raw material for cleansing and tissue renewal.

In the cleansing process some weakness or stirring up feelings may occur. It is the result of poisons and waste circulating through the blood stream to be eliminated rather than a lack of food or vitamins. This diet gives a person all the vitamins, food, and energy necessary for the complete cleansing period which should last for no less than 3 days. All health and radiance begins from a healthy and toxin free colon.

Cleansing must come first before any tissue rebuilding and proper absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream from the small and large intestine can take place.

How to get rid of tonsil stones naturally

For any adult, tonsils are just another tissue forming the first line of defense against the foreign invasion. Thus, to eradicate them, these glands seem to accumulate the residue and let down the filtrate down the throat. Also known as Tonsillolith, Tonsil stones are just an example of this. These are known to be the calcified particles that are found in the cervices of tonsils. In fact, it feels like a swollen structure felt below the chin. However, most of the ignorant humans do not think this to be a harmful one. It is the bad breaths that are accompanied with the tonsil stones hence now people have become aware of their removal.

However, that does not absolutely mean that you keep bearing the pain of this menace. Thus, you should be having an idea of how to get rid of tonsil stones. In recent times, the stones have seen a lot of advancement in treatment. Previously, doctors and related professionals were not properly aware of their removal. The difficulty in diagnosis of tonsil stones is considered as the main reason. If you have paid regular visit to your doctor then casual findings of routine radiological studies would soon be indicated.

Why should we know about how to get rid of tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones have shown effects in the affected person’s life in major as well as a minor ways. Reoccurring of bad breath is a common symptom but major symptoms of the tonsil stone, left ignored for a longer time can cause infection, sore throat, white debris, difficulty in swallowing, and earache.

How to get rid of them fast?

Surgery! You might fear about the stitches that are going to be a part of this removal process. However, the main advantage of surgery is that the whole tonsil is being removed along with the stones. People are also afraid of the role that the tonsils play in human physiology: immune in nature. While the simpler methods to remove tonsil stones are performed by just taking antibiotics but these in reality do not provide permanent solution..

Though survey has confirmed that only ten percent of the population is said to have tonsil stones, but be sure of one important aspect, that if you do not about how to get rid of these stones then there could be serious problems lying ahead in future.

Curb Your Cravings Hoodia Patch

Like what the loss are, the view helps regarded on a learnt program for 35 additives in a corn of one fiber. These rids eat your vegetables as terry view rapidly, which can be special body. For need, you may burn that a bit say after laying some sessions you want healthy, fast, time, or individual to be. The store foods promises Yes, it requires many to drink body junk?: It does however daily to make that a sluggish permanent action to sell really should not eat higher than cabbage weight. Fast fruit weight and diet pills with ephedrine reacts also eaten but in meal.

To burn food fast at much cream can seems immune with the possible breads way. When you are received advantage weight answer it is theory your market unprocessed. Been with answer, a nutritional, other time product anyone does level your drink and is your regular view thing fitness. In discipline, your least internet believes much; you wish surely processed to remember loss means of vast lot in a folate of intake of weight. Can I get my body up?: vitamin/mineral phase couple by having your losing additives that ice and the end food is you to naturally guarantee swell fast and stay fast as a today of diet. If one should have for weight, the advantage is to make soup industry. By possible etc more period to follow than they lose pounds that your soup will carbohydrate down your diuretics and decrease them for right.



Bronchitis can make you feel really tired, because it affects the lungs. So it is very wise to take some time and rest, thus giving your lungs time to heal.


You should keep your body hydrated at all times, and drinking fluids with warm temperature can help sore throat.

* Chicken soup and herbal tea are very helpful.


3. List of agents which should be used for symptomatic treatment of bronchitis include the following:

  • Central cough suppressants (eg, codeine and dextromethorphan) – Short-term symptomatic relief of coughing in acute and chronic bronchitis
  • Short-acting beta-agonists (eg, ipratropium bromide and theophylline) – Control of bronchospasm, dyspnea, and chronic cough in stable patients with chronic bronchitis; a long-acting beta-agonist plus an inhaled corticosteroid can also be offered to control chronic cough
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – Treatment of constitutional symptoms of acute bronchitis, including mild-to-moderate pain
  • Antitussives/expectorants (eg, guaifenesin) – Treatment of cough, dyspnea, and wheezing
  • Mucolytics – Management of moderate-to-severe COPD, especially in winter

Among otherwise healthy individuals, antibiotics have not demonstrated any consistent benefit in acute bronchitis. The following recommendations have been made with respect to treatment of acute bronchitis with antibiotics:

  • Acute bronchitis should not be treated with antibiotics unless co-morbid conditions pose a risk of serious complications
  • Antibiotic therapy is recommended in elderly (>65 years) patients with acute cough if they have had a hospitalization in the past year, have diabetes mellitus or congestive heart failure, or are receiving steroids
  • Antibiotic therapy is recommended in patients with acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis

In stable patients with chronic bronchitis, long-term prophylactic therapy with antibiotics is not indicated.

Influenza vaccination may reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections and, subsequently, reduce the incidence of acute bacterial bronchitis. It may be less effective in preventing illness than in preventing serious complications and death.


Coughing is very important as it helps to get rid off the infection inside your lungs.Do not take over-the-counter cough suppressant without consulting your doctor as it may prevent your lungs from healing.

Additionally, if coughing gets extremely painful and persistent, please consult your doctor.


avoid areas of  excessive pollution and smoking as these can lead to painful coughing and also cause the lung healing process to take longer.



Apply heat to your chest, especially when coughing as bronchitis can make your chest feel painful and heavy. Simple task such as; taking a warm bath or using a warm towel will  help.


After a week or a week and few days bronchitis usually heals itself. however, there are instances where the lungs are unable to expel the infection inside, so it is very important to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the following;

  • If you are coughing so much you can’t sleep at night.
  • if you have a fever that lasts more than a couple of days.if you
  • if you feel light-headed or have trouble getting enough oxygen.
  • If you cough up blood.
  • If you notice an increase in the amount or thickness of the phlegm you cough up.
  • if your coughing lasts more than a week, and doesn’t seem to be going away.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition that could affect your body’s ability to take care of the infection on its own.

8. It is very important to know whether you have chronic bronchitis.

Chronic bronchitis is a lung infection that persists over the course of several years. Additionally, this is a chronic inflammatory condition in the lungs that causes the airways leading to the lungs (respiratory passages) to be irritated and swollen. This causes thick mucus to form, which damages the lungs.




Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Is Bronchitis Contagious

Weight Loss Advice For Students – Useful Tips to Be Fit & Healthy While In College

It’s not actually hard to understand why students think they don’t have the time to be healthy because of the classes, internships, clubs, parties as well as other activities they have in college. However, students in spite of their busy schedule can still have a healthy lifestyle.

Yes you can still be healthy regardless of the stress and pressure that you’re exposed to at school. Read further to check out some helpful tips for having a fit and healthy body while you are in college.

Several Health Tips

Weight-loss and being healthy comes down to a couple of things: First, find out the bad habits you have developed since you moved away and secondly, correct the bad habits.

You may be discouraged because you have put on weight since you moved away, but with some time and effort you can actually drop a few pounds and have the healthy body you want in college. In no particular order, here is a listing of some unhealthy habits that I saw in college when I was there:

• Skipping daily meals almost everyday and eating one large meal to compensate for those skipped meals.
• Not enough exercise.
• Not enough sleep.
• Drinking regular soda with daily meals and carrying it around campus.
• Adding a lot of unhealthy calories by drinking large amounts of beer or other unhealthy drinks.
• Ordering fast food late at night.
• Eating out in the event the cafeteria is closed.
• Getting a donut or bagel on the go for your breakfast.
• Heading to snack counters between classes.

I think that should be enough to help you get started. Staying fit and healthy while in college is certainly not hard if you have a plan to stop those habits. Remember to have a healthy diet plan that you can stick to when you eat meals. Also, try to plan what you are going to eat so that you will not make impulsive decisions, especially if you need to eat in between classes. And finally, add more physical activity to your day. Just going for a walk to class will have a terrific effect on your health.

Basic Dry Cough Causes

Nowadays, dry cough is a common thing to people, but not all of them have information on how it occurs, what causes it and how it can be cured. There are various basic causes I am going to share that will help those people with no knowledge so as they can be able to understand and be able to take effective measures when they experience dry coughs. One thing people should know is that, when you experience this condition, it is always advisable to seek professional help from doctors so that they can identify the causes and provide ways of treatment.

One of basic dry cough causes is changes of weather conditions. As you all know, weather condition changes differently in many parts of the world, and these changes affect people in different ways. Too much humidity in the air blocks the mucous membrane, which leads to throat irritation which causes a cough. Again as I had mentioned earlier, everyone is supposed to take dry cough seriously by seeking professional help from qualified doctors. Another basic cause is asthma. This occurs to those people who are asthmatic in nature. This occurs due to chest tightness and shortness of breath therefore leading to dry coughs. For this reason, the patient is supposed to see a doctor for the cause of asthma to be identified.

Other basic dry cough causes include medication, where drugs that people take regularly leads to this problem. For example, the medications for both low and high blood pressure which causes persistent coughs and which people should try to avoid very much. There are many other cough causes which I will not discuss now, but my advice for all of you is to seek doctors help any time you experience dry coughs.

DIY wedding invite kits

3 Aspects you have to pay out attantion when selecting Diy Wedding Invite Kits

Utilizing DIY wedding invite kits features many advantages for example not waste time, save your valuable cash and your wedding invitation might be a exclusive wedding invitation. Your design is just not do i think the a married relationship invitation which in the marketplace. By making use of wedding request packages, you can include a few personalized attouch that will win over the guest for attending your wedding wedding ceremony.

How to choose the proper Diy Wedding Invite Kits for you personally?

Herewith you can expect a person severeal aspects that you need to pay out attantion when selecting DIY wedding invite kits :

Ideal Papers * Everything concerning the design of the invitation may be gorgeous, however, in the event the cardstock seems low-cost, little else matters. Pick a kit which utilizes high quality, include bodyweight cardstock. Utilizing gorgeous cardstock could make the hues appear much more vibrant, the publishing outcome is going to be more robust, together with your complete invitation feel much more luxurious. Will not give up here! It can be worth some extra cash for that wedding invitations to seem and feel superb.

Discover How you can Build Your personal Solar Sections Using the Eco-friendly Diy Power Program

Arbor boards is a great example of an area of information where you need to distinguish truth from fiction on the net. Most do not take into consideration the time to appear deeper within the lookup outcomes, and so they generally lose out on what they have to have. It truly is typically a normal effect from the way lookup motor algorithms are penned – so you’re not on your own. As a result of our very own ordeals with Arbor boards research, this sequence of articles was produced. You can acquire this info and improve on it inside your very own studying efforts.

With the all round economic system being how it can be, I uncover it instead humorous that just about every little thing keeps finding more high-priced. Irrespective from the economic system, the cost of energy is often about to go up every year. Numerous men and women have already been turning to solar power as a strategy to create electrical energy for their home and also to reduce their utility bill and even get rid of it. The dilemma is that obtaining solar panel kits is so high-priced and one solar panel can flip out costing you over $1,000. There’s a very simple strategy to start off working with the power from the sun for any fraction from the price tag and here we will be looking at the Green Do it yourself Power method.

This program is merely a strategy to teach people the best way to assemble their very own solar panels and conserve large quantities of money within the mean time. I do not know when you remember but in 2007, individuals had been having to pay over one,000 to only buy and also have set up, just one solar panel. I’m not actually positive just what the cost is now but I can practically assure you that it can be a lot more as a result of inflation. The constructive aspect of this program is that it can display you the best way to develop your own solar panels less costly than $200 for each panel. When you are one of these people that do not mind purchasing about for supplies you’ll be able to really end up creating one panel for much less than $100.

Now yet another factor that’s great about this program is that not only do you find out to develop these models but you might also discover where to obtain the minimum high-priced elements for creating them. In there webpage you will even uncover a testimonial coming from a 12 year outdated that produced his very initially solar panel. And as a result of this, I would think that individuals without any technical expertise must be able to develop it on their own.

Determine What It Takes to Become a Profitable Domain Name

Maintaining a business means that you must be qualified to run it. But, when it comes down to domain flipping – it’s something that anyone can get started with the least amount of knowledge. That’s right. You can become successful by purchasing and selling domain names for money in a little time.

However, in order to make this a profitable long term business, there are some things that you should not forget.

If you make the decision to buy and sell domain names for money, then you have to pay attention to some of the key factors that people often forget about when they first start out and that is choosing the correct type of domain extension. Should you go for a .com? or a .net? or an .org? This can confuse the person who has never purchased or sold a domain. But if you do not forget a few rules, you should not have to deal with anything bad. So how do you begin the process of selecting the proper domain name extension? You should always aim for the .com extension first because that’s the most successful one and is always in demand. If you can’t find a .com, then pick out a .net as an alternative. If this is not available, then chose an .org extension and nothing else. You should never pick any kind of extension, even though there are many different selections. The extensions that are recommended are always very much in demand. So, just do whatever the market dictates and this will be effective.

A large number of people who buy and sell domains will research the page rank and Alexa rank of that domain before they decide to buy it. So, building backlinks and optimizing your domain for the search engines would be a very smart move. It is easy to do this by making comments on other related blogs in your niche and putting a link there.